"Your feelings so are important to write down, to capture, and to remember because today you’re heartbroken, but tomorrow you’ll be in love again."


7, 11

7. Close your eyes and imagine the cover- what do you see?
- I see a lot of pink waaaa

11. How do you imagine the albums photoshoot?
- uhhhh I think it’s going to be like modern and white and fancy cos taylor seems to be into that lately but man idk.


1, 8 and 14 :)

1. Would you prefer a deluxe edition to be released on the same day or a year later?
- a year later would be pretty cool :)

8. More sad songs or happy songs?
- um I would prefer mad songs over both of those tbh but I guess happy.

14. What genres are you hoping to hear?
- pop srry



haha. I haven’t posted anything here in a longggg time. :-)

That’s nice but can I have your url

Why Hellooooo!


Sitting here… trying to figure out how this thing works. TESTINGGG TESTINGGG 1 2 3.

can I have ur url

Actually so mad that I can’t find the VMA performance of innocent anywhere :/