*looks at Taylor Swift* *dies*


im fucking funny y’all dont see it


no ok im all for independent woman swift having fun and dancing with girlfriends im here for it ok im all about that life, but i dont like the fact that she’s ‘given up on love’ like how dare this trashcan world warp my favorite wide eyed girl’s view on love so drastically WHY U GOTTA DO ME LIKE THIS

Britney Spears
The Answer
In the Zone


"You don’t have many followers"

Jesus only had 12

Shit’s going down on the 27th.


OH YEAH. THE ALBUM………………?!?!??!?!? she kept stressing about important it was to keep quiet about it, but you guys. you have no idea what’s coming. whatever is in your mind is not at all what this album is like at all. the lyrics are better, the sound is better, EVERY song is fucking GREAT. whatever doubts you have about 1989 throw them out the FUCKIN window. it’s amazing. promise.


Taylor, if you want to add a different location for the secret sessions, my house is available for you.


Like if Taylor Nation contacted me I’d probably just start laughing hysterically, and pass out.